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The Wholesome Garden - Digital

The Wholesome Garden - Digital

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- Age Range: 3-6
- Digital PDF Only
- Page Count: 24

 Note: When you purchase a Digital PDF file, you'll receive an email with a downloadable link to the book. It's a digital version that can be viewed on your electronic devices. You can access it instantly, read it on multiple devices, and even print pages if desired. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of owning a Digital PDF file!

- Torah Observant Christian Children's Book for ages 3-6
- Introduces children to the dietary laws in the Torah
- Emphasizes the importance of these laws for well-being and expressing love for Yah
- Features a heartwarming story of curious children and their journey of understanding and obedience
- Encourages children to embrace the dietary laws as an act of love and obedience towards Yah

Discover "The Wholesome Garden," a captivating Torah Observant Christian Children's Book designed to introduce young readers aged 3-6 to the dietary laws found in the Torah.

In this heartwarming story, a group of curious children embarks on an adventure that leads them to the discovery of the dietary laws in the Torah. Through prayer and guidance, they come to understand that these laws are not meant to restrict them but are, in fact, designed for their well-being and as an expression of love from Yah.

As the children faithfully follow these laws, they experience the benefits of a wholesome lifestyle and develop a deep sense of obedience towards Yah. They come to appreciate that by adhering to these dietary laws, they are expressing their love for Yah and embracing His wisdom.

- Keywords: Torah Observant Children's Book, Christian Children's Book, Dietary Laws, Torah, Well-being, Prayer, Love, Obedience

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