White Rose Linen

White Rose Linen, founded by a skilled artisan, specializes in creating high-quality linen products ranging from pads and clothing to fabrics. The brand is also in the process of crafting cloth diapers, maintaining their commitment to exceptional quality and sustainability. Each piece from White Rose Linen is a blend of comfort, durability, and eco-friendly elegance, reflecting the care and expertise put into every item.

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Torah Sisters Magazine

Torah Sisters is a place for Torah keeping women to find encouragement and practical help for walking out the Torah and Yeshua-led life. The best thing Amy Kay has is the magazine, which she will mail to your home every two months. Also, explore the stickers, her Sabbath book, and especially the free printables!


Shalom Design Co.

Shalom Design Co. is owned by Brittany Lauren Davis, a professional graphic designer, homeschool mom, and follower of Yeshua. Her goal is to help women live a Biblical lifestyle by providing beautifully designed practical resources to assist with their spiritual walk, household management, and teaching their children.


Trained Up In Torah!

"Trained Up in Torah" is a unique YouTube channel created for Messianic families, offering a delightful and interactive way for children to learn about the Torah. Every week, the channel presents Torah portions through engaging storytelling, imaginative crafts, and various fun activities, making the learning process both enjoyable and spiritually enriching. The channel also extends through a Patreon channel, providing families with access to additional content and interactive experiences. "Trained Up in Torah" stands out as a pioneering educational tool in for Messianic and Torah rooted teachings for children.


Emerald Glory Wellness

Emerald Glory Wellness, led by Sherri Ohler, a Certified Herbalist and Bible Teacher, offers a unique blend of natural and biblical healing. Specializing in organic essential oils, herbal supplements, and tinctures created for the glory of Messiah, Yeshua, the business focuses on promoting physical health and spiritual well-being.

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Sweet Julian Co.

Christian Torah Homeschool Printables!

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Crunchy Mama Tallow

Crunchy Mama Tallow offers luxurious, handcrafted tallow butter made from grass-fed cows raised and butchered in Oklahoma. Rendered in their own kitchen, their products include a variety of richly infused butters like Sleepy Time Tallow with lavender, rose-infused whipped butter, and cedarwood tallow. For a range of nurturing and natural skincare options, message them on Instagram to explore their wholesome and aromatic collection.


Sonia Rose Boyd Books

Sonia Rose Boyd, a Pacific Northwest native, is an author whose rich experiences as a teacher, mother, and lifelong learner deeply influence her writing. Her work, particularly the "Wholly Rejoicing" children's series, is a testament to her passion for fostering a love of literacy and liturgy. Sonia's books are crafted to inspire and engage young minds, blending educational themes with heartfelt storytelling.


Heritage Coffee Roasters

Heritage Coffee Roasters specializes in a roast-to-order service, guaranteeing the freshest journey for coffee from bean directly to cup. With a particular expertise in crafting cocoa and nutty medium roasts, their selection is designed to cater to every preference, spanning from light to dark roasts. Their assortment includes five unique blends, three organic single-origin varieties, and a Swiss Water Process Decaf, ensuring a diverse range to satisfy all tastes.

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Sacred Roots Co.

Sacred Roots crafts luxurious, handcrafted soaps, utilizing plant-based ingredients alongside some goat's milk, and infusing skin-safe fragrances and essential oils. Kristi possesses the unique ability to create nearly any variety, including tallow (beef) soaps. Their plant-based soaps, formulated without animal by-products, are an excellent choice for individuals with alpha-gal. Moreover, they're excitedly preparing to launch new products later in 2024!

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Wilhelm Farm Organics

Christ-centered small farm specializing in non-certified organic essential oils.

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