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The Feast Days of Yah - Digital

The Feast Days of Yah - Digital

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- Age Range: 4-8
- Digital PDF Only
- Page Count: 60

Note: When you purchase a Digital PDF file, you'll receive an email with a downloadable link to the book. It's a digital version that can be viewed on your electronic devices. You can access it instantly, read it on multiple devices, and even print pages if desired. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of owning a Digital PDF file!


Dive into "The Feast Days of Yah," a Messianic Children's Book designed for young readers aged 3-8, and also enriching for adults. This educational guide introduces both children and adults to the celebration of Yah's Biblical feasts from the perspective of whole Bible-believing Christians.

Highlighting celebrations from the Sabbath to Tabernacles, the book uses vivid illustrations and compelling storytelling to reveal the traditions, lessons, and joy found in these feasts. Interactive activities and reflective questions encourage participation, deepening the family’s connection to Yah's teachings.

"Discover the Feast Days of Yah" invites you on a journey to explore ancient traditions and grow closer to Yah and Yahusha. It serves as a precious resource for those looking to celebrate Yah's Biblical feasts with understanding and joy.

- Keywords: Torah Observant Children's Book, Christian Children's Book, Biblical Feasts, Sabbath, Passover, Pentecost, Tabernacles, Family Traditions, Connection to Yah, Joyful Journey

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