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The Dome

The Dome

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- Torah Observant Christian Children's Book
- Ideal for ages 12+
- Size: 6" x 9"
- Total Pages: 263

For as long as Arya can remember, the vast, shimmering dome has been her world. She, along with her close-knit group of friends, has never seen a horizon that wasn't curved by its towering embrace. No one knows why they're here, or what lies beyond the dome's protective but confining barrier. But Arya’s relentless curiosity leads her to hidden answers, hinting at a world outside. As secrets unravel, Arya and her companions grapple with revelations that challenge everything they've known, while a budding romance, deeply rooted in love for God and His teachings, emerges in the shadows. "Dome" is not only a captivating tale of discovery and friendship but also a testament to unwavering faith. Perfect for readers aged 12 and up, this novel beautifully intertwines mystery with spiritual enlightenment and the essence of true love in God and his perfect and unchanging ways.

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