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Shadows of Change - Digital

Shadows of Change - Digital

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Torah Observant Christian Children's Book

Avg age range: 7-10

43 Pages

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Step into the riveting world of "Shadows of Change," a Torah Observant Christian Children's Book tailored for readers aged 8-13. This captivating historical fiction takes place during the 4th century, amidst the rise of Constantine the Great and the transformation of Christianity.

Follow the untold story of Yitzhak, a torah-observant Christian boy caught in the midst of the shifting tides of the empire. As Constantine's reign brings about profound changes to Messianic laws and practices, Yitzhak becomes a reluctant witness to the unfolding transformation.

Journey alongside Yitzhak, his father Daniel, Theodosius, and Benjamin as they navigate a dangerous path, seeking to uncover the truth behind Constantine's decisions and their impact on the Christian community. Their quest for truth leads them to face adversaries, including the powerful and arrogant emperor himself.

Through danger, betrayal, and unexpected revelations, Yitzhak and his friends challenge the established order, standing firm in their Messianic culture and beliefs. Inspired by true events, this gripping tale immerses readers in a pivotal moment in history, shedding light on the enduring struggle between tradition and change.

"Shadows of Change" is a thought-provoking narrative that explores faith, conviction, and the resilience of those who dare to challenge the established order. Prepare to be captivated by the complexities of the past and the indomitable spirit of those who fought to preserve their faith.

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