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Rise, Nourish, Rest: Prayer Collection

Rise, Nourish, Rest: Prayer Collection

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Welcome to "Rise, Nourish, Rest: Prayer Collection" – a Torah Observant Christian Children's Book designed to nurture the spiritual growth of young ones.

Key Features:
- Age Range: 3-6 years
- Total Pages: 38

- Book dimensions: 8.5" x 8.5"

In this inspiring prayer guide, children will embark on a heartfelt journey, embracing a beautiful routine of prayer while immersing themselves in the essence of Hebrew. This collection teaches the importance of rising, nourishing, and finding rest in the loving presence of our Creator, Elohim Yahuah.

Features that make "Rise, Nourish, Rest: Prayer Collection" special:
- Power of Repetition: Children will discover the significance of forming new prayer habits through meaningful and simple prayers.
- Learn Hebrew: Engaging illustrations and easy-to-follow pronunciations introduce children to the Hebrew names of our beloved Elohim, deepening their understanding of our faith.
- Gratitude and Connection: Each prayer empowers children to express their gratitude, hopes, and dreams to Elohim Yahuah, fostering a lasting bond with their Heavenly Father.
- Faith and Inspiration: This collection encourages children to deepen their understanding of faith and embrace the blessings of each day with unwavering devotion.

Join us on this beautiful journey of prayer, where children rise with gratitude, nourish their spirits with love and devotion, and find rest in the arms of Elohim Yahuah. May "Rise, Nourish, Rest: Prayer Collection" ignite a passion for prayer within their young hearts and inspire a lifelong connection with our Creator. Order your copy today and nurture your child's spiritual growth with the power of prayer.

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