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Set Apart - Back Order

Set Apart - Back Order

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- Torah Observant Christian Children's Book for ages 3-6
- Inspirational story promoting faith, perseverance, and resilience
- Encourages children to stay true to their beliefs in the face of challenges
- Teaches biblical values and the power of unwavering faith
- Size: 8.5" x 8.5" with 30 pages

Embark on an inspiring journey with "Set Apart," a Torah Observant Christian Children's Book designed for children aged 3-6. This faith-based storybook follows the adventures of Noah, a young boy whose beliefs set him apart from those around him.

Through captivating storytelling, young readers will join Noah as he faces challenges and ridicule for his faith. Guided by the teachings of Yah, Noah learns to shine his light of faith amidst shadows, navigating friendships with love and understanding.

This heartfelt tale empowers children to stay true to their beliefs, embrace resilience, and find strength in their unwavering faith. With its 8.5" x 8.5" dimensions and 30-page count, it's perfect for little hands and growing minds.


- Keywords: Torah Observant Children's Book, Christian Children's Book, Faith-Based Storybook, Inspirational Children's Book, Resilience and Faith, Biblical Values for Kids, Belief and Perseverance

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