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Is Easter in The Bible

Is Easter in The Bible

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Is Easter in the Bible" dives into the historical and spiritual examination of Easter. The narrative explores how early Christian observances intertwined with various springtime traditions, shaping the modern-day celebration. Presented as an engaging dialogue between a parent and child, this book invites readers to explore the biblical connections of Easter and its transformation into a mix of religious and secular customs. It provides an insightful look at why some opt to observe their faith distinct from traditional Easter celebrations, offering a compelling story for those who desire a deeper comprehension of its roots. 

All of our books honor the original names of God, using titles such as YHWH (Yahuah), and refer to the Messiah as Yahusha or Yeshua. In addition, we incorporate Hebrew terms like shalom (peace) and Elohim (God) to enrich the reading experience. We are committed to spreading the true names and accurate scriptures to foster a deeper understanding of the faith


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