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Essential Little's Book Bundle - Back order

Essential Little's Book Bundle - Back order

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Embark on a spiritual journey with the "Essential Little's Book Bundle", a beautifully curated collection of faith-based books designed for those seeking childrens books rooted in the word and love in Elohim. This bundle includes five enriching titles:

1. Set Apart: This book offers insights into living a life that honors Elohim, exploring themes of devotion and holiness in everyday actions.
2. Does YHWH Change?: A thought-provoking exploration of the unchanging nature of YHWH, encouraging readers to find comfort and consistency in His eternal presence.
3. The Rainbow is for Yahuah: A colorful journey through the promise of the rainbow, teaching young minds about Yahuah's covenants and love.
4. Rise, Nourish, Rest: Prayer Collection: A compilation of prayers for different times of the day, designed to provide spiritual nourishment and a sense of Shalom.
5. The Wholesome Garden: A Tale of Yah's dietary biblical laws

Each book in this collection uses the Hebrew names and terms of the Bible, such as Elohim, Yah, YHWH, Yahusha, and Shalom, to bring readers closer to the original texts. Embrace these teachings and allow the "Essential Little's Book Bundle" to guide you and your loved ones in your faith journey. Perfect for families, educators, and anyone eager to deepen their spiritual knowledge and connection.

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